Pakistani Food Near Me

Pakistani food near your location: the ultimate list. The rich heritage of the Pakistan area also brings with its unique flavors. Caught in-between Halal and Indian food, this unique fusion of the flavors of choice for the region makes it unlike anything else.

You’ll find delicious treats like chicken, vegetables, and kababs. Continue reading to find that one restaurant that will satisfy your desire for Pakistani delights.


Let us start with the first on the list of Pakistani restaurants around.

Lahore Tikka House

Lahore Tikka House, in Toronto, proclaims itself to be the home of Halal. The owner made his way into the area after first traveling from Pakistan to England. Arriving in Canada at the age of fifteen without a dollar to his name, he started his voyage as a seller of culinary goods by offering roasted street corn.

He wanted to create a restaurant with a strong sense of community, and that’s precisely what you’ll find at Lahore Tikka House.

Patna Kabab House

This Indian-Pakistan hybrid restaurant specializes in Indian Style Shawarma. Though it is their specialty, it’s not the only dish they offer. They have a reasonably sized menu with plenty of offerings.

These include delicious meats like lamb chops, whole chicken, chicken legs, and T-bones. Of course, as the name suggests, you’ll also find plenty of kabab options at the kabab house.

Zam Zam Tikka & Kabab

This tikka and kabab-based restaurant features a whole host of raving reviews. “Great food here,” said John. Jincy says, “The best biriyani!” With all these positive reviews, it’s definitely worth making a trip if you’re looking for good Pakistani eats.

Full of exotic flavors, great portion sizes, and excellent soft and fluffy Naan, it’s hard to go wrong with Zam Zam Tikka & kebab.

Iqbal Kebab & Sweets Centre

Fun fact, did you know the only difference between the spelling of “kebab”, “kebob” or “kabob” is the country that spells it. In America, they adopt the “o,” while the English prefer the “a.” No matter which letter makes you happy in the word, you’ll get a great kebab at Iqbal.

What set’s this kebab place apart from all the other options in your area is the fusion of African flavors they add to their Indian/Pakistani classics. With the best Halal catering in Toronto, they have you covered for a family dinner or a large party.

Silver Spoon

The last option on our list for Pakistani food near your area. They provide unforgettable meals in various locations throughout the greater Toronto area. The Silver Spoon offers traditional Pakistani food with its own unique blend of contemporary fusion food. It’s definitely a place worth checking out.

Closing thoughts

There you go, the best places for Pakistani Food around. Maybe you have decided that Pakistani food wasn’t the right choice, after all. That’s all right. Take a look at some of our other lists of Asian delicacies.

These include Halal, and South Indian foods. If you’re after a tasty bowl of pasta than have a look at our Italian food picks. If you’re after one-part dinner and one part magic then check out these scrumptious Japanese joints