Japanese Food Near Me

Japanese Food Near Me is the Ultimate list. When you are in the mood for dinner, and a show, Japanese food in Toronto is the way to go. These high-quality Japanese spots will offer more than just food to their patrons. When you visit any of these places, you can expect the freshest ingredients, freshly butchered meats, and homemade cocktails utilizing cultural staples, unlike anywhere else.


Let us start with the first on the list of Japanese food in your area.


With a passion for delivering a top-notch dining experience, Miku operates with the strict discipline of a Samurai. With guiding principles such as sincerity, thoughtfulness, and passion, they attempt to build meaningful relationships not only with each other but with their patrons.

Touting an extensive beverage menu and showcasing delectable sushi. You can’t go wrong with Miku.

Imanishi Japanese Kitchen

Built around homestyle Tokyo meals, Imanishi attempts to achieve a higher level of Japanese food. Every dish they make is designed to go with one of their beer, sake, or wine options. This non-traditional spin on the food style creates a cozy atmosphere for a meal that you’re sure to enjoy.

Another quirk about this homestyle kitchen is they offer recordings on their website of great dining soundtracks.


When you visit this high-end Japanese cuisine, the restaurant prepares for more than a meal. It’s an experience. Founded in 1998, they specialize in fine Japanese cuisine, with exquisite presentation. They prepare their items with ingredients straight from Japan.

Their menu is comprised of just a four-course meal or a nine-course meal. Whatever you get, expect a level of excellence in your food never before experienced.

Onnki Donburi

The work Onnki in Japanese stands for “Warm Bowl.” That’s precisely what this quaint eatery provides. They focus on a modernized Japanese rice bowl. They use ingredients like freshly butchered salmon, fluffy white rice, fresh vegetables, and other treats.

Together these ingredients form a delectable cacophony of flavors in their hand-crafted rice bowls.

Kingyo Toronto

This traditional Japanese restaurant puts a minimalist spin on the festive food type. They specialize in tiny plates of high-quality food crafted by master chef Koji Zenimaru. They have exciting and unique offerings such as a vegan dish called Shojin, which was refined by Buddhist monks.

Also, you will find other staples of the food genre such as sashimi, sushi, grilled meat, fish. On element that sets this favorite food spot apart from other Japanese offerings is their cocktails. They offer enticing fresh fruit cocktails, as well as a delicious ginger-based cocktail. They also have a homemade ginger-ale that you cannot pass up.

Wrapping up

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