How to Tell If a Restaurant Is Bad

You landed here because you want to know how to tell if a restaurant is bad? Well, you are about to find out. Eating out has now become more and more common, so it is important that you choose to dine in the right spot. Just like how there are excellent restaurants, there are also bad ones. It is also likely that you have a favorite restaurant or breakfast place that you frequent with no second thoughts.

However, if you are searching for a new restaurant to try out or you find yourself in a dining spot that you are not familiar with or unsure about, the following factors are signs you should look out for in other to tell if the restaurant is bad or not


Let us get you started with the most obvious sign of them all:

Bad Service

Everyone got some bad days, so it is just natural that you will occasionally encounter a not so friendly server (waiter or waitress). However, you need to avoid a restaurant that gets bad reviews because of its horrible service. Restaurants that don’t pay attention to the standard of service will probably not care about anything else. When all members of the wait staff are dismissive and rude, how can you expect that the kitchen staff is any different?

Dirty Dishware and Glasses

Your attention to detail will surely spike up once you spot a glaring lipstick stain with a different color from yours on your drinking glass. While you don’t need to run out once you see this since these things do happen every now and then, it only signals that you need to be more mindful of the cleanliness of the utensils and other dishware.You can forgive a mistake that happened once, but if the dishes are always dirty every visit, you know that the kitchen’s cleanliness will also be questionable.

Awful Reviews

Yes, customer reviews matter. Thanks to online websites, you can now judge a specific restaurant way before you visit it yourself. A restaurant might all be posh and fancy, but if its reviews are constantly negative, it only shows that you will also be having a bad experience there just like others before you.

Menu Offers are not in Season

Even if you are not a hardcore vegan who just eats farm to table meals, you will surely expect your food to be fresh all the time. Most people are interested to know the source of their food and if something isn’t in season but it is included on the menu, this only means that you are at a bad restaurant.

Unless you are eating in a very high-end dining spot where you are sure that fresh fruits get flown in every day from the farm, there is a chance that the food on the table is not the freshest or the healthiest.

Filthy Restroom

This particular sign shouldn’t be a no-brainer but sadly, it is still very common in many restaurants. No one loves a dirty bathroom and if the restaurant doesn’t take proper care of the facilities, there is a big chance that its kitchen isn’t in the best shape, either. If they never make an effort to make sure that the restrooms are clean, you cannot hope for the same in the space where they cook your food.

The next time you want to eat out, watch out for these telltale signs of a bad restaurant to avoid regret and disappointment in every bite you take.

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