African Food Near Me

The best African food near me. Whether you’re a foodie who loves exploring different cultures or you’re just missing home-style cooking, African food is something you can find easily, if you know where to look.

And if that’s why you’re on this page, you don’t need to go any further because we’ve compiled 5 of the best African Restaurants for you.


First on our list of the top 5 African restaurants are:


Being a huge continent, there is a wide array of available cuisine available depending on which African country you’re from and which one you’re eating at. Nunu is an Ethiopian restaurant that offers options for both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike to experience home-cooked Ethiopian food in Toronto.

They have the staple injeradoro watt, and tibs that can be enjoyed by everyone, along with a full bar in case you want to wind down a bit after or during the meal.

The Suya Spot

Suya, a popular Nigerian grilled meat meal can be made of anything from goat meat, beef, chicken, and even ox tripe. It is heavily seasoned and oftentimes spicy, served with red onions, some cabbage.

They also offer plantains and some Moimoi to round it out with too. And nothing is better than having great food while listening to a relaxing music.

The Suya Spot has a live DJ performing there to set the mood for some comfort food and even a bit of dancing if you feel like it.

Pili Pili

Giving a twist to East African cuisine whilst still maintaining its unique flavor profile, Pili Pili serves kebabs, mishkaki, ribs, samosas, bhajia, and many more African favorites.

They have very flavorful selections on their menu and are a crowd favorite for both Africans and locals alike. Pili Pili has some of the friendliest staff too, making you feel at home at their restaurant. People often come to Pili Pili to try out their very own style of the traditional Canadian Poutine.

Le Plato

A bit tricky to find compared to the other food joints on this list, Le Plato serves authentic West African meals favored by Nigerians, Cameroonians, Ghanaians, and more. They are well-known for their hospitable staff, and their home-style cooking that makes you feel right at home as you mingle in their cozy restaurant. A must try at this African restaurant in Toronto is their Jollof rice and fish served with a side of plantains for added flavor.

Golden Gate Restaurant

Another West African restaurant on this food joint list, the Golden Gate Restaurant is another very homely restaurant that offers comforting, hefty meals that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Find African Food Near Me

They have all types of soups and stews like Palmnut or Groundnut soup, some traditional Beef tomato stew, and even been soup. These can be paired with plantains, fufu, banku, and emotou, all depending on the type of carb you want to go with.

But they are more famously known for their Jollof Rice with Beef that you can even substitute with Fried Tilapia if you prefer that.

Wrapping up

There you go, the best African food near me. Try any of these restaurants and you will have the most memorable food experience of your life. Take my word for it.