Vietnamese Food Near Me

You are here because you want to know the best Vietnamese Food Places in your area, right? We have curated some of the best Vietnamese food places around – these restaurants offer a selection of bun cha, spring rolls and pho.

What makes Vietnamese cuisine exciting is that it boasts of so many exciting things you will find hard to resist, from the savory fish sauce to the complex but clean flavors of the extraordinary Pho broth. To make things even better, all of these are available at very affordable prices. See also: Cheap Restaurants Around Your Area.

Find Vietnamese Food In Your Area

Best Vietnamese Food Near Me

If your tummy craves for something different while you are wandering the streets of Toronto, these food places will satisfy your taste buds with their Vietnamese offerings.

Pho Tien Thanh

Pho Tien Thanh is located on Ossington on the southern of none other than its biggest rival, Golden Turtle. While you won’t find a patio here, you can enjoy a wonderful meal in this cozy establishment with its pink walls, with all meals offered in generous proportions and great prices.


Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle or also called Pho Rua Vang is a true classic in Ossington that has long been a favorite through the years mainly because of the side patio, great prices, and fast service. The place only accepts cash, though, so make sure you come prepared to count your dollar bills after you indulge in their well-loved beef phos.

Pho Linh

For self-proclaimed lovers of pho, it is definitely a big must to check out this Brockton Village Vietnamese place. Their bowls of comforting soup noodles and the satisfying fried spring rolls are all prepared using fresh ingredients.

Pinky’s Ca Phe

This very intimate snack bar located on Little Italy is far from being an old school joint yet it got the vibes and feel of a hole in the wall of the ‘70s era. Made by the same team behind OddSeoul and Hanmoto, you will never get regular offers here such as the plain old pho and instead, you will get something much fancier than this.

Pho Metro

A certified favorite in Scarborough, this humble Lawrence East plaza shop offers some of the finest pho broth you can find in the area. Make sure you take a sip first before you douse your noodles with hot sauce and hoisin. Don’t forget to try their vermicelli, too. Just expect a long line here during the weekends, a proof that so many people are interested to try the delish dishes at this place.

Pho Hung

Look for the laughing cow marquee to find this certified institution in Chinatown to indulge in hearty bowls of rice noodles with satisfying broth. Being in business for years, this corner spot is where you can enjoy a sunny meal inside a well-lit restaurant.

Saigon Star

Be ready to fall in love with the popular curry crab of Saigon Star. With its great location in Highway 7 plaza, this place is perfect for a warm enjoyable dinner instead of just a quick visit during your lunch break. All the offerings of Saigon Star are great for sharing. Pair their curry with the highly recommended roti and your tummy will be very happy and contented.

Wrap up

Which of the best Vietnamese food places will you check out first? Please, let us know in the comments below. More so, if you know of any good Vietnamese restaurants in your area that should be included in the list, send us a message with information about the restaurant. We will do our own research, and include it if it meets our criteria of selection.