Restaurants Near Me That Cook in Front of You

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Back in the days, restaurant customers might have loved their food brought to them from behind strictly closed doors without any indication of how it was made, literally or figuratively. But, after all those years of hearing horror stories about food that will turn your stomach upside down, today’s modern diner expects transparency from restaurants instead of a completely shrouded mystery.

To ensure maximum transparency, more and more restaurants, from indie eateries that foodies prefer to large fast-food chains and high-end dining spots frequented by superstars, are now choosing to cook their food in front of their customers.

Find Restaurants That Cook In Front Of You On The Map

Why eat in restaurants where they cook in front of you?

This particular trend known as open kitchen might have been born in massive cities where chefs usually cooked within easy view of their diners, mainly because of limited amounts of available space. Many people have also made it a habit to watch chefs do their work on TV that further boosted their fascination and curiosity about what really happens inside a restaurant’s kitchen.

Nearby Restaurants That Cook In Front Of You

With diners becoming more obsessed with these celebrity chefs as well as the different creative ways on how exotic and fresh ingredients were being mixed and tossed together, customers consider the view of steam and flames together with the clattering and noise in the kitchen as an important part of their experience of dining out.

A unique experience

In restaurants where they cook in front of you, the chopping and food assembly all take place purposely in a complete view of the customers behind glass. Why is this type of kitchen design important, you ask? The sights, the smells, and the sounds of cooking could help a lot when it comes to working up an appetite.

Sadly, in most restaurants, the cooking done is almost the same as carrying out a novice science experiment. This is why many restaurants now cook in open kitchens that all their customers can see.

Thanks to good food and celebrity chefs, the dining public is interested to know what is really going on behind closed doors. Aside from that, most chefs take pride in what they do so they grab any chance they can get to showcase their talent in the habitat where they are most comfortable and knowledgeable in.

Of course, this kitchen design has already been around for decades in different forms at restaurants, from international franchises to cramped local diners.

However, it is only not too long ago that the open kitchen designed has been embraced not just for practical reasons but also as a means to entertain diners and make them comfortable.

Nearby restaurants where they cook in front of you

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to watch as your food is prepared right before your eyes? If you want to boost your appetite and satisfy your taste buds to the fullest, make sure you look for nearby restaurants where they can cook in front of you to have this kind of unique and exceptional experience like no other.

If you ever find yourself in Toronto, some of the best nearby restaurants where they can cook in front of you near me include :

  • Monk Kitchen
  • Porzia
  • Canoe
  • Magic Noodle
  • Chantecler
  • Hiro
  • Bar Buca.