Korean Food Near Me

You clicked on this article because you want to know the Top 5 Korean food restaurants around. As you know Koreans are well-known either for the popular grilled-meat dish of Samgyupsal or for the wide array of side dishes that come with every single meal.

Korean Cuisine is not only comforting and flavorful, but it is also a well-balanced meal that serves you protein, carbs, and vegetables all in one meal. If you are a resident or a visitor, I would recommend you check out these top 5 Korean Food restaurants.


Firs on our list is the:

Korean Village Restaurant

With one of the largest menu selection among all the Korea restaurants, Korean Village Restaurant serves you authentic Korean staple dishes that include all kinds of soups and stews, a large selection of grilled meat options, various rice and vegetable dishes, and carbs in the form of fried rice, omurice, and even japchae, a glass noodle meal that comes with various sautéed vegetables and meat.

Regardless of what you order, they set out several side dishes like kimchi, different sprouts, potatoes, and more depending on the season and availability.

Seor Ak San

Seor Ak San is the Korean word for the King’s kitchen. By the restaurant’s name alone, you can quickly tell that they take pride in their cooking skills and the quality of service that they provide too.

They are well-known for the large delicious beef stew that they can serve in individual portions and even in a group-sized one. But they also have a large selection of staple, traditional Korean dishes to choose from too like Seafood Pancakes, Cold Noodles, and a Spicy Octopus stir-fry.

The Manna

In Korean Cuisine, there is a special group of dishes that are called Bunshik. They are dishes that are typically served as snacks that can be eaten throughout the day as a quick meal or as a late-night snack.

The Manna serves all the favorite Korean Bunshik dishes like Dukbokki, a selection of fried rice, and a wide variety of Kimbap or seaweed rice rolls that have different toppings inside. Although a fairly small restaurant, it is a local favorite for people who want to grab something quick that packs flavor.


One of the dishes that put Korean cuisine in the spotlight has to be Korean BBQ. Daldongnae specializes in Korean BBQ, offering a wide array of beef parts and selections like the classic beef Belly Samgyupsal, Beef Rib Fingers, Short Ribs, and so on.

And you cannot finish a Korean BBQ experience at Daldongnae without capping it off with either a Kimchi Cold Noodle or a Spicy Cold Noodle dish that cuts the greasy flavor of the grilled meat from being the last thing on your tongue.

Tofu Village – House of Soon Tofu

A staple dish in Korean cuisine is their spicy tofu stew. At Tofu Village – House of Soon Tofu, they take pride in their spicy tofu stew made of soft tofu topped off with egg in a seafood-based broth.

They also have a wide range of other soup and stew dishes too like Bone Soup, Kimchi Soup, and even Fermented Soy Bean soup. Packing with flavor in a hearty meal, Tofu Village embodies traditional Korean flavor.

There you go, the top 5 Korean food near you.  Let us know what you thin once you pay any of the aforementioned food joints a visit. Please, see also our article on Nearby Restaurants Where They Cook in Front of You.