Filipino Food Near Me

The best Filipino food spots around. Filipino food is popular for its love for frying their protein and serving it with well-seasoned vegetables and flavorful soups. They do not shy away from salty, sour, sweet, and umami flavors, oftentimes coming with a kick of spice depending on the region of the dish too.

In this list, you will find some of the best Filipino Food Restaurants around to get that authentic Filipino flavor.

Feeling for some Filipino food? We highly recommend the following restaurants:



The house of traditional Filipino feasts, Tinuno offers you the experience of Kamayan—eating from a large feast as a group using nothing but your hands. With grilled fish, squid, chicken, and beef for protein, they layer it over steamed white or garlic rice, adding various other dishes and even some papaya mango salad to add to the flavor from time to time for a refreshing experience.

They also serve individual dishes too that is similar to the flavors you would get from a traditional Filipino home.

Lamesa Kitchen

If you think about Filipino food, it’s easy to feel like the flavors are so familiar yet so different. Budding from their history of colonization from three different cultures, Filipino cuisine boasts of Spanish, Japanese, and even Indian influences in their food.

They are a more upscale Filipino restaurant compared to the others on the list. At Lamesa Kitchen, you would get first-hand experience of the diversity of Filipino food as you try out their Chicken Adobo, Silog Breakfast, and their sweeter offerings like Purple Yam and Leche flan and their Halo-Halo Special.

Bagnet Bros

Bagnet is a deep-fried dish from the Ilocos region of the Philippines. Bagnet Bros stands out for its incredibly crispy dish just as well as well as its mango salad and various silog selections which are basically garlic rice and egg with a large choice of protein. In true Ilocano fashion, they offer various grilled meat skewers and even a shared-meal kamayan option too.

They also have classic Filipino favorite ice cream flavors like Keso and Ube, as well as their sweet banana dessert called Turon.

Find Filipino Food Near Me

Casa Manila Diner

Manila, the central city of the Philippines, is like the melting pot of all regional dishes. Casa Manila Diner does the same in Toronto, offering customers a wide range of Filipino favorites that encapsulate authentic Filipino flavors from all over the country in their dishes.

They also offer a Kamayan experience, but they also serve lots of other dishes like Sisig, Skewers, Kare Kare, and so much more.


Chelsea’s is like a “we have it all” food hall experience of Filipino food near you. They have a wide selection of traditional dishes that change regularly, as well as a variety of Filipino sweets like tarts and cakes as well as their shaved ice dessert called Halo-Halo.

Just like other cafeteria-style food joints, you can pick out the dishes that you are interested in and try a new one each time. They also offer a catering service option for parties and events, letting you have the option of sharing great flavor with family and friends.

Now that you know the best Filipino food spots around, you are one step away from experiencing Filipino flavor. See other lists like Top 5 Korean Food Joints!