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Breakfast Near Me

You landed on this page because you are interested to know how to choose the best breakfast places near you. There are some days when you just want to enjoy a hearty breakfast in a great breakfast place near you for a change or perhaps to kick start the day in a fun way. Everyone definitely deserves a good treat, especially as far as breakfast is concerned.

But, where should you go, a fast food place or a restaurant? If you are not so lucky, finding the best breakfast places near you can be quite challenging. However, you don’t need to worry. Here are some tips you can follow to help simplify and narrow down your search:

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Lets get you started here with the most important tip of them all.

Budget-Friendly Menu

It is a no-brainer that breakfast either for yourself or for your whole family should never cost you an arm and a leg. Since you will be taking the day off from preparing and eating your breakfast at home, it only makes sense that you want your food to be high quality and affordable at the same time.You should also be able to expect that you will have tons of items you can choose from on the menu whether you are a meat fanatic, a big pancake eater, a vegan, a vegetarian, a dessert lover or anything else in between.

Whatever your breakfast preferences might be, your chosen breakfast place should never leave your wallet empty.


Friendly, Warm and Inviting Environment

The moment you choose to have your breakfast outside, you also choose to feel relaxed and let someone else serve and look after you for a change. Since you will be spending your hard-earned money for this, you will want to look for a breakfast place that caters well to your needs.

The breakfast place near you should have sturdy chairs and tables for adults and children alike. The place should be cozy, inviting, and safe. It would also a big bonus if there is ample parking space available.

Plenty of Seats – Breakfast Near Me

It is still early in the morning so the last thing you want is to wait in line and get hungrier and more impatient as minutes pass by. The best breakfast place should offer a lot of comfortable seats. There shouldn’t be any need to wait in line for 45 minutes or even longer.

No, this is not the kind of experience you want. The breakfast place must be cozy, comfortable, and with lots of seats to accommodate its customers at any given time.

Excellent Service

Sure, you discovered a breakfast place near you with an affordable menu, friendly environment, and plenty of available seats but if it offer a less than desirable service, you might be better off to look elsewhere. If you got the wrong food, you need to wait forever, and the servers don’t look pleasant and friendly at all, you know you are in for a terrible breakfast experience.

The best breakfast place ensures that you will get the right food served to you on time by smiling and pleasant staff members.

Wrapping up

There you go! Use these pointers on how to choose the best breakfast places near you, whether you live in local or any part of the world to have an enjoyable first meal of the day to get you going.

Vietnamese Food Near Me

You are here because you want to know the best Vietnamese Food Places in your area, right? We have curated some of the best Vietnamese food places around – these restaurants offer a selection of bun cha, spring rolls and pho.

What makes Vietnamese cuisine exciting is that it boasts of so many exciting things you will find hard to resist, from the savory fish sauce to the complex but clean flavors of the extraordinary Pho broth. To make things even better, all of these are available at very affordable prices. See also: Cheap Restaurants Around Your Area.

Find Vietnamese Food In Your Area

Best Vietnamese Food Near Me

If your tummy craves for something different while you are wandering the streets of Toronto, these food places will satisfy your taste buds with their Vietnamese offerings.

Pho Tien Thanh

Pho Tien Thanh is located on Ossington on the southern of none other than its biggest rival, Golden Turtle. While you won’t find a patio here, you can enjoy a wonderful meal in this cozy establishment with its pink walls, with all meals offered in generous proportions and great prices.


Golden Turtle

Golden Turtle or also called Pho Rua Vang is a true classic in Ossington that has long been a favorite through the years mainly because of the side patio, great prices, and fast service. The place only accepts cash, though, so make sure you come prepared to count your dollar bills after you indulge in their well-loved beef phos.

Pho Linh

For self-proclaimed lovers of pho, it is definitely a big must to check out this Brockton Village Vietnamese place. Their bowls of comforting soup noodles and the satisfying fried spring rolls are all prepared using fresh ingredients.

Pinky’s Ca Phe

This very intimate snack bar located on Little Italy is far from being an old school joint yet it got the vibes and feel of a hole in the wall of the ‘70s era. Made by the same team behind OddSeoul and Hanmoto, you will never get regular offers here such as the plain old pho and instead, you will get something much fancier than this.

Pho Metro

A certified favorite in Scarborough, this humble Lawrence East plaza shop offers some of the finest pho broth you can find in the area. Make sure you take a sip first before you douse your noodles with hot sauce and hoisin. Don’t forget to try their vermicelli, too. Just expect a long line here during the weekends, a proof that so many people are interested to try the delish dishes at this place.

Pho Hung

Look for the laughing cow marquee to find this certified institution in Chinatown to indulge in hearty bowls of rice noodles with satisfying broth. Being in business for years, this corner spot is where you can enjoy a sunny meal inside a well-lit restaurant.

Saigon Star

Be ready to fall in love with the popular curry crab of Saigon Star. With its great location in Highway 7 plaza, this place is perfect for a warm enjoyable dinner instead of just a quick visit during your lunch break. All the offerings of Saigon Star are great for sharing. Pair their curry with the highly recommended roti and your tummy will be very happy and contented.

Wrap up

Which of the best Vietnamese food places will you check out first? Please, let us know in the comments below. More so, if you know of any good Vietnamese restaurants in your area that should be included in the list, send us a message with information about the restaurant. We will do our own research, and include it if it meets our criteria of selection.

Natural Food Store Near Me

Natural Food Store Near Me. It was during the 1920s and 30’s when natural food stores originally started to enter the marketplace. But, it was not until the 1960s and 70’s when they rose to popularity, a shift that is often associated with the different counterculture and ecology movements of that time.

Find A Natural Food Store In Your Area

What makes these stores appealing is that they provide their customers with more specialized options for these foods.

This is the reason why natural food stores have become very popular among athletes, bodybuilders, vegans, vegetarians, people who have restricted diets because of food allergies, and people with other types of specialized diets. But of course, natural food stores also welcome those who want to buy specialty products or improve their diet for the better.

There are a lot of good reasons why you might want to visit a natural food store near me. The best natural food stores in the area are the perfect place to go if you need bulk food, supplements, granola, and greens.


Natural Food Store Near Me

Check out these natural food stores where you can shop till you drop:

Noah’s Natural Foods

Fans of supplements are always crowding the different branches of Noah’s Natural Foods just to get their healthy food fix. The store also offers other items such as condiments and beauty products.

The essence of Life Organics

This shop in Kensington Market carries all kinds of natural products you can ever find under the sun, including tea, cold medicine, toothbrushes, incense soap, and vegan perogies and patties that all come at reasonable prices.

Healthy Planet Danforth

Herbal and homeopathic remedies, supplements, and vitamins can all be found at this trusted store with numerous locations. Healthy Planet Danforth also specializes in drink and food items, sports nutrition, and body care.

Big Carrot

This expansive health food emporium with locations in Upper Beaches and Danforth not only offers your usual groceries but also have tacos, sandwiches, a salad bar, and its very own pharmacy.

Organic Garage Liberty Village

This chain now has locations in Liberty Village and Junction, selling a variety of produce, dry goods, and bulk foods. The branch in Liberty Village even has smart screens featuring useful information and recipes and even offers prepared foods such as sushi and smoothies.

Good Rebel

This natural food store near me can be found in Dundas West. What makes it great is that it is completely vegan aside from being health-oriented. This is where you should go shopping for chicken wings and faux cheese and products such as laundry detergent.

Qi Natural Food

From candles to bars and cereals, Qi Natural Food got everything you will ever need and want. They also have beeswax food wrap and Kombucha in their Queen West locations. The one on Bloor even has a separately branded nutrition and herbs store.

Fresh City Farms

Ready-made meals and organic groceries can be purchased from the brand with an Ossington location. It also partnered with Mabel’s, the well-loved bakery, where their healthy eats are also sold.

If you are looking for a natural food store near me, use this list to find the right one closest to your area. There may be other natural food places across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that we probably not familiar with. If you know of any natural food places in your area; feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

How to Choose the Best Restaurants Near Me

If you are one of those who struggling with the thought about how to choose the best restaurants near you. Good news, this article will end your troubles.

There is nothing as exciting as discovering nearby restaurants where you can eat delicious meals and have a one of a kind dining experience you will treasure and remember.

But the million dollar question now is, how do you choose the best restaurants near you? Which food near me will reward you with an unforgettable dining experience?


How to choose the best restaurants near you

Don’t be carried away with the name or popularity. Here is how to choose a nearby restaurant be it Chinese, Arabian, Persian, Caribbean, southern Asian, etc in Canada or anywhere in the world:


Choose nearby restaurants close to your house and are easily accessible. You might also want to consider the distance of the restaurant from the parking space and mode of transportation and settle for the one most convenient from you.


It is also important that you check the menu of the restaurant. Many people choose a restaurant based on their specific taste and the particular type of cuisine they wish to try. The best restaurants near me serve fresh and great tasting menu items. Before you choose a specific restaurant, it is advisable that you check the type of menu they offer.


A restaurant that doesn’t observe good service will only result to an unhappy dining experience that would be a complete waste of money. To ensure that it doesn’t happen, see to it that the restaurant you choose offers excellent service with friendly waiters who will make sure that you will have an exceptional dining experience.


The standards of hygiene being followed matter a lot when looking for restaurants near me. Both the dining area and the kitchen must be clean and tidy from top to bottom. Some food experts also suggest that you checking the washroom of a restaurant before anything else can give you a good idea of how clean a restaurant is. Restaurants with clean washrooms will more likely prepare their food in a place that is clean as well.


The price of the food near me is considered as one of the most crucial criteria when looking for the best nearby restaurants. You might want to know how much budget you and use it to search for the right dining place. It is a best that you choose one that can give best value for your money.

A restaurant that offers great tasting food and excellent service will surely make you feel satisfied and happy with every penny you spend.

Take Note of the Cleanliness

Before anything else, start with the basics. Among the most important criteria when looking for a restaurant is none other than cleanliness. A restaurant should pass all the necessary sanitary requirements before bothering with getting a star rating. The last thing you want is to worry about suffering from intestinal disorders when having dinner. Take note of stinky smells, messy tables, spilled and discarded food left stuck to the floor, and flies hovering around.


Many restaurants have beautiful decorations but do these decorations also match your style and needs? Is the particular restaurant ideal for dinner events? If you wish to chat and hang out with your family and closest friends comfortably during dinner, it wouldn’t be great if the restaurant plays some loud music.

Know the Number of Regular Customers

The number of customers that a restaurant gets is another good indicator of its quality. Dining establishments with steady flow of customers have higher chances of offering great service and good food. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends.

Customers Reviews

With the internet’s popularity, most restaurants today already have their websites and social media pages. These are the pages where previous customers of the restaurants usually share their personal dining experiences. You can check these reviews to know more about the nearby restaurants you are considering to visit.

It will also help to read restaurant reviews to get more professional and unbiased opinion. Just remember, however, that the opinion of food critics in the local newspaper and your friends are based on their personal taste and might not really agree with your taste buds.

Conduct a Personal Inspection

If you are planning an important business meeting or romantic date, it will be worth your time to inspect the restaurant yourself. Check out their menu. Take note of the interior design, lighting, and amount of noise. Make sure you also visit the restroom before leaving.

Of course, you cannot always schedule a personal inspection of the best restaurants near you where you plan to eat. However, doing this will surely give you the assurance of a memorable dining experience.

Visit the Restaurant Website

Most restaurants today, especially those really fancy ones, have their own online websites. This is where they feature their menu, house specialties, and additional services, with some even accepting online reservations. Some websites also contain complete lists and reviews of restaurants in a specific community and city.

With all the available resources on the internet, it would be easier and simpler for you to check out the restaurants near me with no need to step outside the house.

Dining Experience

The last but not the least, your restaurant choice will depend on the type of dining experience you like. Do you want a more comfortable and familiar dinner or are you hoping for a unique gastronomic adventure. Are you craving for a particular cuisine or specialty? Your specific preferences and those of the people you will eat with are invaluable in making the right decision of the best restaurants near me.

Keep these factors in mind on how to choose the best restaurants near you with the best menu items and services to offer.

How to Tell If a Restaurant Is Bad

You landed here because you want to know how to tell if a restaurant is bad? Well, you are about to find out. Eating out has now become more and more common, so it is important that you choose to dine in the right spot. Just like how there are excellent restaurants, there are also bad ones. It is also likely that you have a favorite restaurant or breakfast place that you frequent with no second thoughts.

However, if you are searching for a new restaurant to try out or you find yourself in a dining spot that you are not familiar with or unsure about, the following factors are signs you should look out for in other to tell if the restaurant is bad or not


Let us get you started with the most obvious sign of them all:

Bad Service

Everyone got some bad days, so it is just natural that you will occasionally encounter a not so friendly server (waiter or waitress). However, you need to avoid a restaurant that gets bad reviews because of its horrible service. Restaurants that don’t pay attention to the standard of service will probably not care about anything else. When all members of the wait staff are dismissive and rude, how can you expect that the kitchen staff is any different?

Dirty Dishware and Glasses

Your attention to detail will surely spike up once you spot a glaring lipstick stain with a different color from yours on your drinking glass. While you don’t need to run out once you see this since these things do happen every now and then, it only signals that you need to be more mindful of the cleanliness of the utensils and other dishware.You can forgive a mistake that happened once, but if the dishes are always dirty every visit, you know that the kitchen’s cleanliness will also be questionable.

Awful Reviews

Yes, customer reviews matter. Thanks to online websites, you can now judge a specific restaurant way before you visit it yourself. A restaurant might all be posh and fancy, but if its reviews are constantly negative, it only shows that you will also be having a bad experience there just like others before you.

Menu Offers are not in Season

Even if you are not a hardcore vegan who just eats farm to table meals, you will surely expect your food to be fresh all the time. Most people are interested to know the source of their food and if something isn’t in season but it is included on the menu, this only means that you are at a bad restaurant.

Unless you are eating in a very high-end dining spot where you are sure that fresh fruits get flown in every day from the farm, there is a chance that the food on the table is not the freshest or the healthiest.

Filthy Restroom

This particular sign shouldn’t be a no-brainer but sadly, it is still very common in many restaurants. No one loves a dirty bathroom and if the restaurant doesn’t take proper care of the facilities, there is a big chance that its kitchen isn’t in the best shape, either. If they never make an effort to make sure that the restrooms are clean, you cannot hope for the same in the space where they cook your food.

The next time you want to eat out, watch out for these telltale signs of a bad restaurant to avoid regret and disappointment in every bite you take.

Looking for food near your location? Check out our interactive map HERE

Restaurants Near Me That Cook in Front of You

Are you looking for nearby restaurants where they cook in front of you? Scroll down to the end of this article. Keep reading to learn more about the topic.

Back in the days, restaurant customers might have loved their food brought to them from behind strictly closed doors without any indication of how it was made, literally or figuratively. But, after all those years of hearing horror stories about food that will turn your stomach upside down, today’s modern diner expects transparency from restaurants instead of a completely shrouded mystery.

To ensure maximum transparency, more and more restaurants, from indie eateries that foodies prefer to large fast-food chains and high-end dining spots frequented by superstars, are now choosing to cook their food in front of their customers.

Find Restaurants That Cook In Front Of You On The Map

Why eat in restaurants where they cook in front of you?

This particular trend known as open kitchen might have been born in massive cities where chefs usually cooked within easy view of their diners, mainly because of limited amounts of available space. Many people have also made it a habit to watch chefs do their work on TV that further boosted their fascination and curiosity about what really happens inside a restaurant’s kitchen.

Nearby Restaurants That Cook In Front Of You

With diners becoming more obsessed with these celebrity chefs as well as the different creative ways on how exotic and fresh ingredients were being mixed and tossed together, customers consider the view of steam and flames together with the clattering and noise in the kitchen as an important part of their experience of dining out.

A unique experience

In restaurants where they cook in front of you, the chopping and food assembly all take place purposely in a complete view of the customers behind glass. Why is this type of kitchen design important, you ask? The sights, the smells, and the sounds of cooking could help a lot when it comes to working up an appetite.

Sadly, in most restaurants, the cooking done is almost the same as carrying out a novice science experiment. This is why many restaurants now cook in open kitchens that all their customers can see.

Thanks to good food and celebrity chefs, the dining public is interested to know what is really going on behind closed doors. Aside from that, most chefs take pride in what they do so they grab any chance they can get to showcase their talent in the habitat where they are most comfortable and knowledgeable in.

Of course, this kitchen design has already been around for decades in different forms at restaurants, from international franchises to cramped local diners.

However, it is only not too long ago that the open kitchen designed has been embraced not just for practical reasons but also as a means to entertain diners and make them comfortable.

Nearby restaurants where they cook in front of you

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to watch as your food is prepared right before your eyes? If you want to boost your appetite and satisfy your taste buds to the fullest, make sure you look for nearby restaurants where they can cook in front of you to have this kind of unique and exceptional experience like no other.

If you ever find yourself in Toronto, some of the best nearby restaurants where they can cook in front of you near me include :

  • Monk Kitchen
  • Porzia
  • Canoe
  • Magic Noodle
  • Chantecler
  • Hiro
  • Bar Buca.

Japanese Food Near Me

Japanese Food Near Me is the Ultimate list. When you are in the mood for dinner, and a show, Japanese food in Toronto is the way to go. These high-quality Japanese spots will offer more than just food to their patrons. When you visit any of these places, you can expect the freshest ingredients, freshly butchered meats, and homemade cocktails utilizing cultural staples, unlike anywhere else.


Let us start with the first on the list of Japanese food in your area.


With a passion for delivering a top-notch dining experience, Miku operates with the strict discipline of a Samurai. With guiding principles such as sincerity, thoughtfulness, and passion, they attempt to build meaningful relationships not only with each other but with their patrons.

Touting an extensive beverage menu and showcasing delectable sushi. You can’t go wrong with Miku.

Imanishi Japanese Kitchen

Built around homestyle Tokyo meals, Imanishi attempts to achieve a higher level of Japanese food. Every dish they make is designed to go with one of their beer, sake, or wine options. This non-traditional spin on the food style creates a cozy atmosphere for a meal that you’re sure to enjoy.

Another quirk about this homestyle kitchen is they offer recordings on their website of great dining soundtracks.


When you visit this high-end Japanese cuisine, the restaurant prepares for more than a meal. It’s an experience. Founded in 1998, they specialize in fine Japanese cuisine, with exquisite presentation. They prepare their items with ingredients straight from Japan.

Their menu is comprised of just a four-course meal or a nine-course meal. Whatever you get, expect a level of excellence in your food never before experienced.

Onnki Donburi

The work Onnki in Japanese stands for “Warm Bowl.” That’s precisely what this quaint eatery provides. They focus on a modernized Japanese rice bowl. They use ingredients like freshly butchered salmon, fluffy white rice, fresh vegetables, and other treats.

Together these ingredients form a delectable cacophony of flavors in their hand-crafted rice bowls.

Kingyo Toronto

This traditional Japanese restaurant puts a minimalist spin on the festive food type. They specialize in tiny plates of high-quality food crafted by master chef Koji Zenimaru. They have exciting and unique offerings such as a vegan dish called Shojin, which was refined by Buddhist monks.

Also, you will find other staples of the food genre such as sashimi, sushi, grilled meat, fish. On element that sets this favorite food spot apart from other Japanese offerings is their cocktails. They offer enticing fresh fruit cocktails, as well as a delicious ginger-based cocktail. They also have a homemade ginger-ale that you cannot pass up.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for something a little less seafood-based or maybe something a less formal check out some of our other ultimate lists of food near Toronto, these include Asian favorites like Italian,  Halal, South Indian, and Pakistani.

If you prefer your delicious eats from a country shaped like a boot, then check out our Italian list. No matter what snacks you are pining for, you can always count on us to find you something good to eat, any time.

South Indian Food Near Me

South Indian Food near your location. India is not only one of the most populated countries in the world, but it also is host to some of the most culturally diverse groups of people you’ll find anywhere in the world. Where there are cultural melting pots, that’s where the flavor is. So, it is no wonder you found yourself here wondering what our ultimate list of south Indian restaurants are.


South Indian Food Near Me

Well, enjoy it because these are a few south Indian places that will have your mouth watering.

Udupi Palace

When you’re looking at a list of restaurants specializing in South Indian cuisine, you’re going to find a common theme. That theme is dosa, lots of dosa.

Udupi Palace is no exception. They offer fifteen types, and all for very reasonable prices. Reasonable prices and great dosa, it’s hard to go wrong if you’re looking for something with a little Indian flair.


If the taste of Tamil Nadu is what you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place. This humble eatery has been operating since 2001 as a catering gig. Finally, in 2007, they opened the doors and made a restaurant where guests can enjoy traditional Indian favorites without large events.

Their specialties include idly, uthappam, biryani, Thali, and of course, dosa. Utilizing available online ordering, you can make sure that the Indian food you want is available with no wait.


Next on our list of South Indian food hot spots is Karaikudi. They are not only the largest but the most popular restaurant in the Toronto area. At least that is their claim.

They certainly have the facilities to back it up, though. Massive dining rooms and a casual atmosphere may be the secret ingredient for why this place is so favorite. A reasonably priced buffet and plenty of, you guessed it, dosa make this place an essential food spot if you’re looking for a taste of India.

Madras Dosa Hut

Did we mention this list was going to be heavy on the dosa? Well, even with all the other options for dosa on this list, this is a noteworthy spot. This place could be considered the home of dosa in your area. They have been crafting dosa since 1993 and have carefully crafted their menu to contain a vast selection of flavors, so there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or something sweet, you’ll find it at the dosa hut. Oh, and did we mention unlimited dosa for $8.99?

Find South Indian Food Near Your Location

Saravanaa Bhavan

It only fits that this list ends with another place that offers unlimited dosa. The trick here is that the unlimited dosa and poori are only included with the buffet. What’s not to love about a buffet, though? They offer specials throughout the day and have a nice lunch menu for weekends. This place is definitely worth a nod if you’re looking for South Indian food in Toronto.

Wrapping up

Going into this list of South Indian food, you might have had a craving for a dosa, but after seeing all the overwhelming choices in your area, perhaps your mind has changed. That’s all right. We have other lists, including Halal, Japanese, Italian, and Pakistani foods.

When you are searching for that rare treat but can’t quite put your finger on what it is, take a moment to sift through these lists. When you do, what you are looking for might jump right out and solve all of your food-based troubles.

Pakistani Food Near Me

Pakistani food near your location: the ultimate list. The rich heritage of the Pakistan area also brings with its unique flavors. Caught in-between Halal and Indian food, this unique fusion of the flavors of choice for the region makes it unlike anything else.

You’ll find delicious treats like chicken, vegetables, and kababs. Continue reading to find that one restaurant that will satisfy your desire for Pakistani delights.


Let us start with the first on the list of Pakistani restaurants around.

Lahore Tikka House

Lahore Tikka House, in Toronto, proclaims itself to be the home of Halal. The owner made his way into the area after first traveling from Pakistan to England. Arriving in Canada at the age of fifteen without a dollar to his name, he started his voyage as a seller of culinary goods by offering roasted street corn.

He wanted to create a restaurant with a strong sense of community, and that’s precisely what you’ll find at Lahore Tikka House.

Patna Kabab House

This Indian-Pakistan hybrid restaurant specializes in Indian Style Shawarma. Though it is their specialty, it’s not the only dish they offer. They have a reasonably sized menu with plenty of offerings.

These include delicious meats like lamb chops, whole chicken, chicken legs, and T-bones. Of course, as the name suggests, you’ll also find plenty of kabab options at the kabab house.

Zam Zam Tikka & Kabab

This tikka and kabab-based restaurant features a whole host of raving reviews. “Great food here,” said John. Jincy says, “The best biriyani!” With all these positive reviews, it’s definitely worth making a trip if you’re looking for good Pakistani eats.

Full of exotic flavors, great portion sizes, and excellent soft and fluffy Naan, it’s hard to go wrong with Zam Zam Tikka & kebab.

Iqbal Kebab & Sweets Centre

Fun fact, did you know the only difference between the spelling of “kebab”, “kebob” or “kabob” is the country that spells it. In America, they adopt the “o,” while the English prefer the “a.” No matter which letter makes you happy in the word, you’ll get a great kebab at Iqbal.

What set’s this kebab place apart from all the other options in your area is the fusion of African flavors they add to their Indian/Pakistani classics. With the best Halal catering in Toronto, they have you covered for a family dinner or a large party.

Silver Spoon

The last option on our list for Pakistani food near your area. They provide unforgettable meals in various locations throughout the greater Toronto area. The Silver Spoon offers traditional Pakistani food with its own unique blend of contemporary fusion food. It’s definitely a place worth checking out.

Closing thoughts

There you go, the best places for Pakistani Food around. Maybe you have decided that Pakistani food wasn’t the right choice, after all. That’s all right. Take a look at some of our other lists of Asian delicacies.

These include Halal, and South Indian foods. If you’re after a tasty bowl of pasta than have a look at our Italian food picks. If you’re after one-part dinner and one part magic then check out these scrumptious Japanese joints

Korean Food Near Me

You clicked on this article because you want to know the Top 5 Korean food restaurants around. As you know Koreans are well-known either for the popular grilled-meat dish of Samgyupsal or for the wide array of side dishes that come with every single meal.

Korean Cuisine is not only comforting and flavorful, but it is also a well-balanced meal that serves you protein, carbs, and vegetables all in one meal. If you are a resident or a visitor, I would recommend you check out these top 5 Korean Food restaurants.


Firs on our list is the:

Korean Village Restaurant

With one of the largest menu selection among all the Korea restaurants, Korean Village Restaurant serves you authentic Korean staple dishes that include all kinds of soups and stews, a large selection of grilled meat options, various rice and vegetable dishes, and carbs in the form of fried rice, omurice, and even japchae, a glass noodle meal that comes with various sautéed vegetables and meat.

Regardless of what you order, they set out several side dishes like kimchi, different sprouts, potatoes, and more depending on the season and availability.

Seor Ak San

Seor Ak San is the Korean word for the King’s kitchen. By the restaurant’s name alone, you can quickly tell that they take pride in their cooking skills and the quality of service that they provide too.

They are well-known for the large delicious beef stew that they can serve in individual portions and even in a group-sized one. But they also have a large selection of staple, traditional Korean dishes to choose from too like Seafood Pancakes, Cold Noodles, and a Spicy Octopus stir-fry.

The Manna

In Korean Cuisine, there is a special group of dishes that are called Bunshik. They are dishes that are typically served as snacks that can be eaten throughout the day as a quick meal or as a late-night snack.

The Manna serves all the favorite Korean Bunshik dishes like Dukbokki, a selection of fried rice, and a wide variety of Kimbap or seaweed rice rolls that have different toppings inside. Although a fairly small restaurant, it is a local favorite for people who want to grab something quick that packs flavor.


One of the dishes that put Korean cuisine in the spotlight has to be Korean BBQ. Daldongnae specializes in Korean BBQ, offering a wide array of beef parts and selections like the classic beef Belly Samgyupsal, Beef Rib Fingers, Short Ribs, and so on.

And you cannot finish a Korean BBQ experience at Daldongnae without capping it off with either a Kimchi Cold Noodle or a Spicy Cold Noodle dish that cuts the greasy flavor of the grilled meat from being the last thing on your tongue.

Tofu Village – House of Soon Tofu

A staple dish in Korean cuisine is their spicy tofu stew. At Tofu Village – House of Soon Tofu, they take pride in their spicy tofu stew made of soft tofu topped off with egg in a seafood-based broth.

They also have a wide range of other soup and stew dishes too like Bone Soup, Kimchi Soup, and even Fermented Soy Bean soup. Packing with flavor in a hearty meal, Tofu Village embodies traditional Korean flavor.

There you go, the top 5 Korean food near you.  Let us know what you thin once you pay any of the aforementioned food joints a visit. Please, see also our article on Nearby Restaurants Where They Cook in Front of You.